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Have you just received your first Bible or have you been studying the Bible for years? Free Online Bible Study offers you a wealth of informative and inspiring Bible Study materials absolutely free!

I have taught Biblical studies for 30 years in youth groups, churches, seminars, colleges, and universities. Questions I am frequently asked by students include:

Who wrote the Bible?

Which Bible prophecies have been fulfilled?

What does the New Testament teach about spiritual gifts?

What are the "Lost books of the Bible"?

Where can I get quality material for my Bible study group?

How can I study the Bible in its original languages without going to seminary?

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The Basics

If you have never studied the Bible before, discover who wrote the Bible and how it was written. For individual or group study our free Bible study lessons will be an invaluable resource.

Advanced Study

If you are a veteran Bible student our free Word Search will open up the Bible in its original languages through a simple and proven method.

Our special “hot-topic” areas on fulfilled prophecy and spiritual gifts give you balanced and biblical resources for your Bible study group.

Unique Approach

Free Online Bible Study is unlike other Bible study websites, because of our unique approach shaped by two guiding principles that I learned more than 30 years ago from two of my early mentors:

#1. The Bible is true, relevant and up-to-date.

In a lecture series given in London the late Dr. Derek Prince (1915-2004), a former professor of logic at Cambridge University, shared the story of his personal encounter with Christ in the early years of World War II. He said, “Out of this encounter, I formed two conclusions: first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the Bible is a true, relevant, up-to-date book.”

#2. Recognize the whole Body of Christ.

British Evangelist Don Double taught us to “always recognize the whole Body of Christ.” In this ecumenical spirit Free Online Bible Study celebrates all Christian traditions, from Roman Catholic to Protestant, from Eastern Orthodox to Pentecostal. We embrace the contributions of all branches of scholarship to biblical studies and Christian theology, from critical to conservative.

You may use any materials on this website in your personal Bible study or study group absolutely free. All we ask is that you acknowledge Free Online Bible Study and do not use our material on any website or for monetary gain.

The Bible Study Blog
The Bible Study Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web Site. Subscribe here.
Free Bible Study Lessons
Your online source for ready-to-use free Bible study lessons; including free sample downloadable teachers' guides and outline study notes for students.
Books by Ian Bond
eBooks by Dr. Ian Bond on biblical studies, theology and ministry studies.
Bible Study Guide
A digital Bible study guide repository of free, down-loadable and affordable eNotes by Bible scholar, theologian and philosopher, Dr. Ian Bond.
Current Issues in Theology
Helping every Christian student understand current issues in theology in a balanced and biblical manner.
Egyptian History
What is the relationship between the stories of the Bible and ancient Egyptian history? Are solid historical and cultural connections between Egypt and the Old Testament?
The study of eschatology tends to produce either fear or fanaticism. Understanding the biblical definition and developing a balanced approach will replace fear and fanaticism with faith.
Fulfilled Prophecy
The Bible contains over 700 separate predictions. The question of fulfilled prophecy has engaged the attention of biblical scholars for centuries. How accurate are the prophecies in the Bible?
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
In the Christian tradition, gifts of the Holy Spirit are any abilities that are empowered by the Holy Spirit and used in any ministry in the church.
History of Christianity
Explore the history of Christianity - the remarkable story of the single largest religion in the history of the world.
Biblical Leadership
Discover the general principles of biblical leadership apply in any context - civic, community, corporate, or church.
Lost Books of the Bible
Lost books of the Bible explores the mysterious non-canonical books referred to in the Bible, as well as apocryphal, pseudopigraphal, and Gnostic works.
Bible mythbusters are scholars who examine various uncritically held beliefs about the Bible, mythic elements within the biblical texts.
Who wrote the Bible?
The result of divine inspiration or the product of human imagination, the question of who wrote the Bible has been debated by scholars for millennia and that debate continues today.
WordSearch is an easy-to-master Bible study method designed to enable the serious student to study, understand and use the Bible in its original languages.
Teach the Nations is an online Christian education outreach of Teach the Nations, the ministry of Dr. Ian Bond and Dr. Julie Bond.
Contact Teach the Nations
Contact Teach the Nations, the non-profit organization that sponsors Free Online Bible Study.
A donation to Teach the Nations, Inc. is an investment in the spiritual, educational, cultural, and humanitarian ministry of Dr. Ian and Julie Bond.
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