"All Israel Will Be Saved"

The prediction that "all Israel will be saved" is derived from one of two "mysteries" found in Pauline theology which are signs preceding the end of the age:

The mystery of Israel’s hardening and final salvation (Rom. 9-11)


The mystery of lawlessness (2 Thess. 1-12).

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In my own career as an entrepreneur, business leader, senior pastor, university president, community leader, and state official I have functioned a wide variety of contexts in which to cultivate and apply the principles of biblical leadership.

Many of the characteristics of biblical leadership have universal application in all aspects of human society and endeavor. However, in the context of spiritual or ecclesiastical leadership Christian leaders can only effectively lead people who...

...are in relationship with God;

...are learning to trust God in their lives; and

...accept both the importance and the limits of a spiritual leader's ability to meet their needs.

In this article I will lay a threefold foundation of understanding of the biblical leadership: the content, the cost, and the crown of spiritual leadership.

Israel's Past Selection

Paul expresses his deep sadness for his people. He would be willing to go to hell if it would mean them getting to heaven. He explains that, although they had everything going for them, they had still rejected the one whom God had sent. He uses examples from Israel’s history to illustrate God’s special selection of Israel: Ishmael and Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Moses and Pharaoh, and Gentiles and Jews — God has also chosen the Gentiles and, for a time, has “rejected” the Jews.

Israel's Future Salvation

According to Paul, God has always preserved a remnant. He concedes that some Jews have been hardened, but this does not mean that the people as a whole have fallen beyond recovery. Therefore, Gentiles should not be arrogant because of their welcome into the covenant people of God. For just as the Jews have been “broken off,” so can they, and just as they were grafted in—so can the Jews be once again...

...and one day they will - "and in this way all Israel will be saved."

Paul does not explain how the salvation of Israel is accomplished; however, Ladd is right to insist that it must take place in fundamentally the same terms as the salvation of the Gentiles, namely, which is by saving faith in Jesus as the crucified Messiah. He writes, “Whatever the means of Israel’s salvation, it appears to be an eschatological event in Paul’s thought.” That is, it is associated with the eschaton or the "end of the age."

Paul's message to the Romans (the gospel) is from Jew to gentile. Both are sinners, the former within the law, the latter without the law; and both are saved in the same way.

Both belong to the smae God. In the past Israel was selected, in the present Israel is stubborn, but in the future all Israel will be saved. This is an eschatological mystery.

In the meantime both must live in the same world.

In addressing the difficult issue of Church unity, Paul's letter to the Romans provides insights into how the Church should develop from its Jewish roots, while at the same time providing clarity on key issues of faith for God’s people in every culture and generation. Many scholars feel that Romans the finest of Paul’s writings. It is a masterpiece of clear logical thinking that leads to the conclusion that all Israel will be saved.

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