Developing a Sound Eschatology

An Introduction to the Principal
Points of Debate Concerning the
Biblical Revelation of the End Times

In Developing a Sound Eschatology, Dr. Bond avoids sensationalism and provides a general guide to all the major interpretative approaches to eschatology, pointing out the strength and limitations of each. This book is of benefit to Bible students, pastors, teachers and laymen wishing to develop a balanced and scriptural eschatology.

Throughout human history mankind has had a fascination with and fear of the future. For the believer in Jesus Christ, fear has been transformed into a joyful longing, and fascination into an eager expectation of the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to earth.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Developing a Sound Eschatology

Chapter 2  Schools of Prophetic Interpretation

Chapter 3  The Promises and Purposes of Messiah’s Coming

Chapter 4  Days, Weeks and Years

Chapter 5  The Rapture Question

Chapter 6  The Big Trouble

Chapter 7  The Rapture Rupture Resolved

Chapter 8  What and When Is the Millennium

Chapter 9  Future Destinies

Chapter 10 The Olivet Discourse: Jesus’ Prophetic Teaching


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