Developing Sound Hermeneutics

The Science and Art of
Biblical Interpretation

Developing Sound Hermeneutics, establishes the basic ground rules for the way in which the Bible is
to be interpreted and communicated. This task is achieved in three sections.

Section one is an introduction to the “doctrine of the Bible” and a brief history of the biblical canon and the field of hermeneutics.

Section two introduces basic theory, methodology, and practice of hermeneutics.

Section three deals with three current issues in advanced hermeneutics: the debate over biblical inerrancy, the effects of Charismatic theology and experience on hermeneutics,
and the impact of deconstruction and reader-response criticism on biblical hermeneutics.

Section one will be of interest especially to the general reader.
Section two is aimed at Bible college students and undergraduate biblical studies majors in universities. Section three will be of interest primarily to seminary and graduate students.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Part 1—History of the Canon and the Discipline of Hermeneutics

Chapter 2 The Bible: A Library of Sixty-six Books
Chapter 3 Bibliology: Doctrine of the Bible
Chapter 4 How the Scriptures Came to Us
Chapter 5 A Brief History of Hermeneutics

Part 2—Basic Hermeneutics: Theory and Practice

Chapter 6 Bible Study Basics
Chapter 7 Interpretation and the Interpreter
Chapter 8 The Theory of Hermeneutics
Chapter 9 The Method of Hermeneutics
Chapter 10 Applied Hermeneutics
Chapter 11 Types, Prophecies, and Parables

Part 3—Advanced Hermeneutics: Issues in the Current Debate

Chapter 12 The Impact of Higher Criticism on Bibliology
Chapter 13 Charismatic Hermeneutics: Principles, Procedures, and Problems Chapter 14 Postmodernizing Bibliology: An Evaluation of Reader-response                              Hermeneutics

Selected Bibliography

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