The Elements of Worship

Do you long to understand how to respond to the call to worship? Find out in the Elements of Worship eStudy Guide by Dr. Ian Bond.

There are times when every human being senses an invisible yet indisputable calling to draw near to God in worship.

The Call to Worship is an inspiring and informative study, unlocking biblical truths and spiritual principles of man's greatest calling… to be a worshiper of the living God. God, who has issued the call to worship, has also made provision for us to answer that call.

Topics covered in the eStudy Guide:

* The Provision of Worship

* Confrontation and Worship

* The Etymology of Worship

* The Elements of Worship

* The Attitude of Worship


There are times when Christians sense an INVISIBLE yet indisputable calling to DRAW NEAR TO GOD in WORSHIP.


GENESIS 28:10- 22

Jacob sees a vision of a LADDER of ACCESS TO ELOHIM.

Elohim means God, gods, judges, angels.

The plural ending is usually described as a plural of majesty and not intended as a true plural when used of God.

This is seen in the fact that the noun elohim is consistently used with singular verb forms and with adjectives and pronouns in the singular.

The most distinctive Sumerian architectural form was the ziggurat, a towering, multi-tiered edifice that dominated the city’s skyline.

At the top level stood a chapel or shrine believed to house the deity, such as Anu or Marduk, to whom the building was dedicated.

Babylon, became the region’s greatest city, means the “gate of the god.”

Marduk’s Babylonian ziggurat was named Etemenanki, meaning the “house that is the foundation of heaven and earth.”

Jacob dreams of a “Ladder” by which supernatural beings ascend to or descend from heaven.

His vision conveys the ziggurat’s religious function, providing a sacred zone at which the divine and human realms intersect.

sul’lam, trans. Ladder

Ascending structure, i.e., a stairway or ladder as a connector between two levels of a structure.

Jacob’s dream envisions a “gateway to heaven.”

Jacob was trying to satisfy spiritual hunger for God in MATERIALISM. GENESIS 32:24-28

Elohim wrestled with Jacob all night.

Three changes occurred in Jacob:

1. Physical change

2. Change in nature

3.Change in name

a. a’aqob, lit. “heel holder” i.e., supplanter.

b. Yisra’el, sarah, contend, have power; El, God, mighty one, lit. God prevails or God rules.

CONCLUSION: God had to BREAK Jacob to make Him a worshiper...

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